Prayers – please take time to read some of the prayers shared below……..

God of all our days, help us to treasure each person and each day You give us. Guide us to live always for Your glory. Help us to resist the temptation to grumble. Teach us to speak to each other in love, especially when we disagree. Keep us from judging people, even those behind bars. Remind us what we have done that You have forgiven. When we are alone, be with us. When we grieve, give us comfort. Thank you for Christian friends with whom we share joys and sorrows as together we seek to follow Jesus. Loving Spirit, thank you for Christ, the Light who came to make clear the way to a truly fulfilled life. Thank You for answering our prayers. Amen. The Upper Room.

Father, forgive me for pride, and for so often thinking I know best. Give me a humble heart that is willing to follow Your way in everything. Please guard each word we say so we reflect You and Your love. Help our tongues speak words of healing and not harm. ‘Our Daily Bread’.

Father, the world seems out of control. We know You are Sovereign over everything. We pray that Your will be done in the hearts of our leaders. ‘Our Daily Bread’.

Please pray for all the countries, people, and situations (Home and Abroad) the Lord brings to your heart.

 The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful……
James 5:16 The Message

 Please pray for all carers and support staff, including kindly neighbours.…..May the Lord show kindness to you…..Ruth 1:8 NIV


I do not know the future I just live from day to day. I do not know what problems may arise along the way. I do not know if I’ll be well, or taken by some ill. But one things that I surely know my Lord will keep me still.

I do not know what burdens I may be asked to bear. I do not know how long I have His precious love to share. I do not know the reasons for things that happen here. But I know that God will help me and He will calm my fear.

I do not know when shadows across my life will fall. What change will come upon my life I do not know at all. But I know that He will guide me and as each moment grows. It is enough that I should know I know the One who knows.

 Mrs H.M. Belfast (share by Ms. F Cuthill)